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Minutes, February 16, 2023


Lake Grove Presbyterian Church – February 16, 2023, 7 pm

4040 Sunset Drive, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Board Members Present: Chair Dan Anderson, Directors; Audrey Block, Chuck Fisher, Robert Hrdinsky, Yoko KinoshitaNeighborhood Attendees: none

Called to Order by Dan Anderson at 7:00 pm

Minutes of January 18, 2023, Board Meeting, Approved

Board Chair Report

❖ International Leadership School, LU 22-0029 (adjoining LGNA) before DRC 2/22

❖ Follow-up on pre-Application training ssociation-reps

Neighbor Input

❖ None this meeting

Director Reports

❖ International Leadership School: there were concerns raised on Nextdoor aboutbuilding on wetlands (which seemed unfounded), Mike presented a map ofschool/land and how much of it is designated sensitive area around land use. Theschool wants to be a Green Certified French School, lots of restoration aroundremoving bark chips and gravel. School plans to grow from 50 to 150 students.

❖ PrepLO / CERT: Discussed getting a neighborhood emergency plan, next step Robertto connect with Andy Leonard who leads LO emergency prep forum.➢

❖ Lake Oswego Library Vision: The City has embarked on a Library Visioning Process. Its purpose is to shape a community vision for the Lake Oswego library of the future.

➢ Take the Survey & Add Your Idea

➢ More info:

❖ Lake Grove & LO Sign: the large wood sign that welcomes drivers coming from KruseWay (corner of Boones Ferry) was destroyed by a car crash. Talk was about restoringit with the updated name “Lake Grove Village Center” – funding is unclear, possiblyuse NEP funds?

❖ Neighborhood Night Out: is on Tuesday August 1. Discussed how well the eventwent last year, high turnout and positive response from neighbors. Possible improvements around food/drinks (issues with melting ice cream). There was miscommunication about the budget and what to do with leftover funds, a simple resolution was placing the remaining cash to the chair to capture it on the treasury book for future use.

❖ Earth Day: is on Saturday April 22. The City is doing an arbor ough month celebration. Mike is participating in planting projects around the neighborhood including Kumon owners lot and Lake Grove Elementary School.➢ Get involved at Kumon lot 16063 Boones Ferry Rd 4/22 at 10 am

Proposed Developments

❖ N/A

Tree Removal Applications

❖ On hold: 4243 Upper, Sweetgum, 499-23-000150-TREE

❖ Tree removal applications have been little quiet during winter

Adjourned: 8:10 pm

Next Board meeting: 7 pm, March 16th, 2023, Lake Grove Presbyterian Church