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LGNA Minutes, October 21, 2021

Minutes: October 21, 2021

Meeting Minutes

Lake Grove Neighborhood Association

October 21,2021

Meeting called to order by Chairman Dan Anderson at 7:02 pm

Attending Board members:  Dan Anderson, Robert Dove, Trudy Corrigan, Chuck Fisher, Yoko Kinoshita, Audrey Block, Jerry Nierengarten, Mike Buck

Guest Robert Hroinsky

Minutes for the last meeting were approved.

Documentation for written approval by the Board officers was presented to Dan by Jerry Nierengarten Secretary.  The document authorizes in writing who is approved by the Board ro sign on LGNA’s bank account , make deposits and Board approved payments as the Board directs.  Board officers all sign and dated the document.  

The Board approved this at the September 16 meeting and this document added the signed signatures to that oral approval.

Treasurer Chuck Fisher and Secretary Jerry Nierengarten will meet with Home Street Bank in the following week to formally add their names as authorized signers on the LGNA account and remove Rob Loesch’s name from the account.

  • * * * * Chairman’s report  * * * * *

Dan welcomed neighbor Robert Hroinsky to the meeting.  He lives just down the street on Upper.

Dan advised us that going forward neighborhoods receiving Neighborhood Enhancement Grants would have to pay for the service or product their neighborhood was awarded and then request reimbursement from the City.  Dan talked to the City and was promised that reimbursement would be quick and likely take place in a day or two.

Dan advised that the City Parks and Rec will sponsor a Farmers Market event in Lake Grove on October 24.  Members commented that there was little publicity for this and there were concerns that attendance could suffer.

Dan noted an upcoming Pre-Ap PA 21-0101 for tax lot 4300 onNovember 4 at 1:15 pm.  This is the island property between Upper and Boones Ferry by the Pamplin property.  Dan will attend.

  • * * * *Board Member reports* * * * *

Chuck Fisher

Chuck submitted a motion that the Board approve the purchase the domain name for our website,  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved by the Board.  The goal will be to accomplish this by year-end.

Yoko Kinoshita

Dan advised that Yoko was in a PSU Student Leadership Program.  Yoko indicated that under the program participants commit to volunteering four hours a week and that she would like to volunteer for that period on work for our neighborhood.  Dan motioned that the Board approve Yoko as our volunteer.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Dan requested that an initial project for her would be to help revise our website which we have been unable to update.  Yoko agreed to this and our guest Robert Hroinsk indicated that he would help her with this project.

Trudy Corrigan

Vice Chair Trudy advised that that the owner of the lot at Boones Ferry and Upper that had been under consideration for condos is now interested in selling the lot for affordable housing.

The meeting ended about 8:00 pm


Friends of Iron Mountain

People who want to preserve and help restore public natural resource spaces in our neighborhood. Care for our gifted environment can be shown through supportive labor at work parties and by helping promote management plans for Iron Mountain Park.
The Iron Mountain Natural Area in Lake Grove is located along the north side of Iron Mt. Blvd. from the Lake Oswego Country Club to the Hunt Club. Although our first years concentrated on restorative work along the Brookside corridor in the west, we now embrace the whole Iron Mountain Park as our domain of responsible stewardship.
In 2001, parcels west of the Hunt Club that have access to Iron Mt. trails, Springbrook Creek, and many old trees were proposed for residential development. A large number of neighbors galvanized, asking the city to purchase it as part of the green spaces acquisition for which taxpayers voted. Out of that grassroots process emerged a neighborhood desire to permanently adopt the natural area and restore it to a more original native habitat. Our valued urban forest lands are extremely threatened and are in poor condition as manifested in the Parks Plan 2025. We exist to help change the functional character of our park land so better habitat, water quality, and human enjoyment can occur.
Interested neighbors met in February 2003 to become an ongoing service group. We have a steering committee of six people, approximately 60 members and a website. We are supported as a sub-committee of the Lake Grove Neighborhood Association. We have events several times a year, such as ivy pull and re planting work parties in the spring and fall. In spring of 2004 the city asked us to write and present a proposal to the Parks & Recreation and the Natural Resources Advisory Boards, and the City Council. They enthusiastically supported our goal to form Friends of Brookside. In 2011, as the City asked for our endorsement to obtain a Federal Parks grant for a natural resource inventory study, and as we plan to cooperatively help restore critical wetlands and riparian areas, we changed our name to be more inclusive of our goals: Friends of Iron Mountain.

Ways you can help:

  1. Join the planning and organizing committee.
  2. Come to our fall and spring restoration work parties.
  3. Be on our email/phone list to keep informed of events.
  4. Practice good stewardship and care for our lands.
Iron Mountain Park Wetlands

Annual General Meeting minutes, September 16, 2021

September 16, 2021
Lake Grove Neighborhood Association
Annual Board Meeting

Chairman Dan Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:03

Board members: Dan Anderson, Mike Buck, Trudy Corrigan, Chuck Fisher, Audrey Block, Yoko Kinoshita, Robert Dove, Jerry Nierengarten

Guests: Courtney Clementh, Barbara Christenson, Jim Newcomer, Cliff Warren, Jim Frank, Pam Frank, Janet Buck

Minutes for the March meeting were approved

Election of Board Members

Dan introduced Board members to the group and Board officers. He encouraged other attendees to join our Board. He presented the slate of candidates for Board officers and asked if there were any others who might want an officer position. There were no others.

Dan asked Lake Grove neighbors attending to vote for the candidates and there was unanimous approval

Dan Anderson – Chair
Trudy Corrigan – Vice Chair
Chuck Fisher – Treasurer
Jerry Nierengarten – Secretary

EcoHome LO Presentation was cancelled

For information, see

Lake Oswego School Bond

Dan introduced Courtney Clementh who is heading the Oswego School Bond Measure for the November election. She explained how the upcoming election measure is the second of three bond measures to upgrade our schools.

The first measure was passed in 2017 and funded the rebuilding of Lakeridge Middle School, the renovation of Oak Creek Elementary and various updating projects at other schools. This $180 million bond would build new buildings for Lake Oswego Junior High and River Grove Elementary plus science and lab renovations at both high schools, improved HVAC, electrical mechanical and plumbing systems and roof repairs plus other upgrades. It would add $0.92 per $1,000 of assessed value to our property taxes.

Mike Buck asked if Lake Grove Elementary was OK seismically. She indicated those issues would be addressed in the next bond issue. She was asked if the District considered closing the school and rebuilding elsewhere to take advantage of gain to be realized by the sale of valuable commercial property. The District is not considering this at this time.

Parks Charter Amendments

Mike Buck explained the differences between Measure 3-568 and 3-575 and gave a history of how these two measures related to the management of our parks both came to be on our upcoming ballot. Our Board had discussed this at our prior meeting and voted support for Measure 3-575 which was written by Lake Oswego City Council and expressed opposition to 3-568. Scott Handley who wrote 3-568 and its restrictions were to be too severe for effective park management to meet the needs now and in the future of the City and its citizens.

Mike did this presentation for the benefit of non-Board members who came for our Annual Board meeting for all of Lake Grove Neighborhood who were unaware of the implications of both measures.

Dan Anderson pointed out that these measures are like amendments to the US Constitution and difficult to change once approved. Mike added to this noting that under 3-568 you couldn’t add a trail for handicap access. Jerry Nierengarten noted that all park developments in recent years have been reviewed by hearings with neighbors and input from the neighbors influenced all plans.

Dan opened the meeting for questions and concerns from neighbors attending.

Friends of Iron Mountain will be planting Yew trees It was explained why there is no center line on Upper Cliff Warren wanted to know what happened to the old horse trail that was behind the commercial lots on the east side of Boones Ferry and who policed the excess noise coming from the car was and from the performance car repair shop. Mike explained that code violations should be directed to Diana Smith-Bouwer, the City’s Public Resource Officer. Dan’s neighbor Ed provided an article on the importance of trees.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 The next Board meeting is on Thursday October 21

Map of Lake Grove NA


The greatest ownership of all is to glance around and understand.
— William Stafford

Lake Grove Neighborhood Association is located northwest of Oswego Lake in the city of Lake Oswego, Oregon. Our neighborhood association was organized in 2008. The purpose of LGNA is “to provide a forum for its membership to discuss matters of common concern and to represent the views of the members before appropriate public bodies.” All residents and owners in the Lake Grove neighborhood, shown in the map here, are automatically members.

Map of Lake Grove Neighborhood, Lake Oswego, Oregon