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Minutes, November 17, 2022

November 17, 2022

Lake Grove Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

Chairman Dan Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:05

Attendees: Dan Anderson, Chuck Fisher, Yoko Kinoshita, Trudy Corrigan, Bob Hrdinsky, Mike Buck and Audrey Block

Guests: None

Dan’s Chair report: Tony Sparling, LOPD liaison is willing to attend at a meeting of our choosing. May be a good choice for next General Meeting. Dan reported Waluga NA (Neighborhood Association) General Meeting had several speakers at their annual General Meeting: Megan Phelan spoke on emergency preparedness and Joe Buck did a Q & A on the future of LO.

Dan reported Allison Brine from Upper Drive investigated the speed bump system. To qualify a street needs 30 points. Upper Drive West of Bryant is presently measured at 20. Each speed bump costs $3,000 with a minimum of 3 required. Usually the Neighborhood is required to pay 50% of the cost – sometimes the city will pay 100%. Average speed on last traffic study was 28 mph. The school/daycare on the corner of Bryant and Upper should be considered the next time the street is evaluated.

It was noted Trudy Corrigan was recently elected as a City Councilor and therefore will be resigning from the LGNA Board as of December 31, 2022.

Bob Hrdinsky stepped up to join the LGNA board and was elected. All board members introduced themselves.

There was no neighbor input this meeting.

Mike gave a report about fuels reductions programs and Iron Mountain Park. There are 10 acres of parkland abutting 10 acres of private property that would be at risk in the event of a wildfire. He would like to investigate funding programs to do fuels reduction in the park via removal of invasive species. It may be the Fire Dept. and Parks should be involved. Metro has funding for such projects but in the past it has been difficult for LO to receive grants because of our socio economic profile. However, IMP is home to Oregon Oaks of which only 4-5% remain – thereby making it an important ecosystem in and of itself.

Mike noted the Habitat Management Plan will come before City Council on December 20th

Mike said pre-app for the 7-11 and dry cleaners on BFR near the new Elephant’s Deli was with regard to cosmetic features only – not structural. No concerns.

Trudy passed long information about the Emergency Preparedness equipment caches the city makes available to NA’s through the NEG program. Several NA’s have experience with the program. Dan will reference materials from other NA’s and perhaps bring forward for this Spring’s NEG cycle.

Bob asked what kind of a neighborhood we want to be? Dan suggested Bob look at our neighborhood plan and noted our cooperative role with the city. Mike said we focus on livability, safety, security and health of the neighborhood including the health of our tree canopy. Chuck noted there is a useful citizen’s involvement guide for NA’s on the website.

Dan adjourned the meeting.

Next meeting will be Thursday, January 19, 2023


Author: Lake Grove Neighborhood Association

We are a neighborhood located northwest of Oswego Lake in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Our neighborhood association was organized in 2008. The purpose of LGNA is "to provide a forum for its membership to discuss matters of common concern and to represent the views of the members before appropriate public bodies." All residents in the Lake Grove neighborhood are automatically members.

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