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Minutes: Monthly Meeting Oct. 2022

October 20, 2022
Lake Grove Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Chairman Dan Anderson called the meeting to order
Attendees: Dan Anderson, Chuck Fisher, Mike Buck and Trudy Corrigan
Guests: Erik Olson, Senior City Planner in attendance to present information on HB 2001, Bob Hrdinsky,
Colm and Linsley Scott, Jill and Eric, and Amy.
Erik said the Middle Housing Code Advisory Committee developed standards and design regulations
based on HB 2001 for duplex, triplex, fourplex townhomes and cottage clusters. Code amendments have
been adopted and except for cottage clusters they are the same as for Single Family Residences. A
cottage cluster is 5 -8 detached units facing a common courtyard. Must provide one parking space per
unit. One driveway per 70 feet of lot. Must manage stormwater onsite.
The next bill the city must respond to will be HB2003. That will be delivered in 2023 and 2024. The next
step is to analyze housing needs in 2023 based on number of people at various income levels. Housing
production strategies will follow in 2024 requiring comp plan policy changes.
Lake Grove overlay will continue to apply except for cottage clusters. The law can’t preclude existing
Dan attended Mayor’s Roundtable –same information as Hello LO; new Police Chief Burke, Ebikes,
pickleball site selection, wastewater site, pathways increasing street fees. Garbage rates being studied.
Boones Ferry Road will be home to two affordable housing projects. Neighborhood meeting happened
on October 10 th with Scot Siegel about the site on the former Boones Ferry Improvements staging area.
Dan noted we got a successful denial of a type II tree cutting permit. The targeted tree was actually
healthy. Very few permits are actually denied; problem is the tree code not being specific enough.
Lake Grove Farmer’s Market will be every other Sunday ending on November 27 th .
LOPD will attend one of our meetings in the upcoming year.
Chris Brandt and Bob Hrdinsky will be new LGNA Board members.
Habitat for Humanity affordable housing project on Boones Ferry will have a new entrance directly from
Boones Ferry Road. There will be no access from Upper Drive. All new homes will face Upper or Boones
Ferry. The old pavement from the prior version of Upper Drive is unmaintained and should be cordoned
off. The number of units were reduced in order to save trees and meet open space requirements. The
subdivision has been approved. Specific structures are still subject to approval. Upper Drive neighbors
asked if all marked trees were actually permitted. It is possible that new tree permits will be coming.
Habitat for Humanity has not filed for the development yet. It is behind schedule. Tree mitigation will
happen onsite, plus tree fund payments. PA220048 is the project number. LGNA wants the abandoned
part of Upper Drive closed off, the asphalt removed and then planted with trees. Contact

Neighbors noted that the section of Upper Drive west of Bryant has a speeding problem in addition to
cut through traffic as reported by multiple neighbors.
Tri-Met bus service is changing.
Arbor month will be happening next April – will highlight new trees on Boones Ferry. We have 5-6 kinds
of oak trees. Will have a planting at Kumon of smaller trees. May be a planting at Lake Grove
The Tree Summit is Saturday October 22 nd from 9-12. We need to take care of our oaks and leave the
leaves. Can see on zoom, but will take place at LO Methodist Church.
Mike planted 52 madrones at Iron Mountain Park last weekend. On November 12 th work crew will pull
invasives on the top trail.
On Wed. November 2 at 4pm there will be a meeting at the maintenance building about the Natural
Areas Habitat Plan draft.
Meeting adjourned at 9pm.
Next meeting will be November 17 th .


Author: Lake Grove Neighborhood Association

We are a neighborhood located northwest of Oswego Lake in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Our neighborhood association was organized in 2008. The purpose of LGNA is "to provide a forum for its membership to discuss matters of common concern and to represent the views of the members before appropriate public bodies." All residents in the Lake Grove neighborhood are automatically members.

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