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Minutes, July 2022

July 21, 2022
Lake Grove Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting

Chairman Dan Anderson called the meeting to order at 7:03


Board members:  Dan Anderson,  Mike Buck, Audrey Block, Yoko Kinoshita, Jerry Nierengarten, Trudy Corrigan

Guests:  Walt Buckley

***** Chair report ****

Dan told the Board our annual meeting will be held on October 22.  Eric from City Planning will gives a presentation on the affect of State Measure H2001 Low Income Housing on Lake Oswego.  The measure will allow duplex, triplex and quadplex on  lots zoned for only single family homes.

EcoHome has also been invited to make a presentation.  The volunteer ecology group has been invited to talk to us before but has had difficulty lining up a speaker for our group.

The Habitat for Humanity affordable home project at Upper and Boones Ferry has been moving forward meetings with the City.  A neighborhood meeting will be held on Monday August 7.  Ken Sandblast and representatives from Humanity for Humanity will be there for presentation and questions.  There is going to be a left turn-lane added on south-bound Boones Ferry to allow additional access to the property in addition to the right-turn access on Boones Ferry. Trees in the median will have to be removes for the new left-turn lane.

***** Neighbor input  – Walt *****


Walt commented that traffic seems a bit lighter after the completion of the Boone Ferry Project.  He noted some neighborhood signs are missing that directed folks to Lake Grove Presbyterian and to KinderCare.

***** Director Reports *****

Mike reported on meetings of Lake Grove Businessmen and the City.  Jim Bateman from the City indicated that Holiday lighting was already expensive and took three weeks to install.  Lake Grove Businesses will continue to solicit the city for more help and funding for decorations.  LG businesses voted to approve the purchase of about $80 worth of red and gold ribbons to hang from 48 lampposts along Boones Ferry.

Mike and Trudy are trying to get holiday tree banners for Lake Grove

Yoko report on her preparations for the Ice Cream Social for Lake Grove which our Board has arranged for our neighbors on August  9 at Iron Mountain Park with music from 7:30 – 8:30 pm.  

[note:  the Ice Cream Social was very successful with about 50 guests, music for two hours, police, fireman and a firetruck.

Our next meeting will be September 15.


Author: Lake Grove Neighborhood Association

We are a neighborhood located northwest of Oswego Lake in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Our neighborhood association was organized in 2008. The purpose of LGNA is "to provide a forum for its membership to discuss matters of common concern and to represent the views of the members before appropriate public bodies." All residents in the Lake Grove neighborhood are automatically members.

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